Expanded Safety Harness Line - New Manufacturers

For the longest time we have only offered harnesses from Guardian Fall Protection. We appreciate the harness offering from Guardian, but felt the need to spread out and offer more harnesses from different manufactures who have different options. We have now expanded our offering of harnesses to give you a greater range of selection.

Here are some of the new safety harness manufactures that we have added to our online inventory.

Miller Safety Harnesses

Miller safety harnesses include the basic Titan harness and the higher line revolution harness.

FallTech Safety Harnesses

There are a full range of harnesses from FallTech including the ComfortTech harness.

DBI/SALA Safety Harnesses

DBI's selection includes the basic Delta harness along with the advanced ExoFit harness.

MSA Safety Harnesses

MSA offers a basic working harness.

We have tried to make it easier for you to select a harness by including a break down of the different types of harnesses that are available. Visit our Safety Harness section for more details.

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