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Fall Hazard Site Survey

What is a Site Survey?

Have you identified all of the fall hazards?  Are you aware of all the equipment necessary to prevent falls?  These are just a few of the questions that a site survey will help you to address. 

Audit of Fall Hazards on Site – A representative from our company will come to your site and help you to identity fall hazards.   Our field experience will allow you to be sure that all working fall hazards have been correctly identified and assessed.

Identify OSHA Compliance Issues – In addition to identifying the fall hazards, our representative will describe the OHSA standards for each of the identified fall hazards.   They will discuss the different options that are available for OSHA and corporate safety compliance.

Solution Recommendation – We will not stop at identifying the problem, we will also help you to understand the different solutions that are available for addressing your fall hazards.   There are often many different solutions that are available for providing the OSHA compliant fall protection.  Simplified Safety will help you identify the solutions that are appropriate for your environment.

How much does a Site Survey cost?

Cost for a site survey can vary based on location and complexity of the job site.  Please contact us directly with details about your site to get an exact price for a site survey.

How do I schedule a site survey?

Fill out our contact form and select “site survey” from the reasons for contact.  A company representative will be in touch with you to help schedule a time for the site survey.