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Fall Protection Equipment Rental

Fall Protection Rental Equipment

Fall Protection Rental Equipment

We're sorry to report that our manufacturing partner has discontinued fall protection rentals as of November 2015.

Certain manufactures have rental programs that allow us to rent certain pieces of fall protection equipment.  

When does renting fall protection equipment make sense? 

How long do you need the equipment?  Rental costs are typically ¼ the sales cost per month.  If you job is going to go longer than 4 months, then you will be paying more to rent the equipment than to buy the equipment outright.

Is this equipment specific to a single job?  If you only need this equipment for a “one time” job, owning a equipment can become a liability rather than an asset.  One-off jobs are times when renting fall protection equipment makes sense.

Do you have a location to store the equipment?   If you need a large quantity of equipment for a single job will you have anywhere to store the equipment after the job is over.  If you have limited storage space, owning a large quantity of fall protection equipment may not make sense.

Can you incorporate the fall protection cost into the job?  By renting equipment you might be able to put the cost of the fall protection right into the job.   Customers like to see transparency and you can clearly outline for them how much you will be spending on fall protection.

Do you need to spread out the cost of fall protection? Renting fall protection allows you to spread the costs over the length of the job.  This is a helpful option when cash flow is a concern. 

What fall protection equipment can be rented?

Click here for a full list of fall protection rental equipment.

How much does it cost to rent fall protection?

Typically the cost for renting fall protection is ¼ to ⅓ of the sale price per month.  You will also be responsible for the shipping costs to and from your job site.  The rental will begin when it leaves our facility and will end when it returns to our facility.

What do I need to do to rent fall protection equipment?

Please contact us directly to get your rental going. You can get started by pulling together the following documents:

Yes, you can buy the equipment that you have rented.  If you desire to purchase at the end of the rental period we can negotiate a purchase price for the equipment at that time.