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Crossover Platforms

Crossover Platforms

A Safe Solution For Crossing Rooftop Obstacles

Pipes, air ducts, conduit, skylights, interior parapets, and other obstacles all pose serious threat to employees. Letting workers cross over these obstacles without a safe working platform is concern for serious injury. Crossover platforms provide a safe access solution for these instances. Crossover platforms also provide a safe solution to ascending or descending roof elevations and crossing over roof gaps.

"Almost all the close calls I've had on a roof have come while climbing over rooftop obstacles."
Dan Wampler, Sales Manager


Features You Need to Provide a Safe Working Environment

  • Crossover Platforms - Custom Solution

    Safe Access Over Any Obstacle

    Crossover platforms can be designed to accommodate safe access over any obstacle or obstruction.

  • Crossover Platforms - Crossing Obstacles

    Cross Over Pipes & Air Ducts

    Crossover platforms allow workers to cross over obstacles that obstruct their path such as pipe lines and roof air ducts.

  • Crossover Platforms - Changing Elevations

    Safely Change Elevations

    Crossover platforms also provide a safe solution to ascending or descending elevation changes.

  • Crossover Platforms - Custom Design

    Designed To Your Needs

    Our platforms are configured to your exact specifications to suit your desired application perfectly.

Fast, Professional Service

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This Product is OSHA Compliant

Meets or Exceeds OSHA Platform Standards

Crossover platforms are compliant with all OSHA Standards for platforms.

A Superior Safe Access Solution

Modular Work Platform

Modular Work Platform

  • Easy to Configure On Site

    Crossover platforms are easy to assemble, configure, adjust, and take apart. All of this can be done on site without the need of specialized labor.

  • Shipped Quickly at Minimal Costs

    Because of the unique flexibility of the fittings and pipe used to build crossover platforms, sections can be shipped unassembled or semi-assembled to save on shipping costs. However, should you choose, the platform can also be shipped as a complete unit.

  • Short Design Time

    Since no welding is involved, crossover platforms can be designed, built, and implemented faster than welded solutions. A customized platform can arrive at your facility in nearly half the time as a fabricated platform.

  • Modular Section & Kitted Solutions

    Modular sections allow crossover platforms to be expanded or modified on site. Our kitted solutions allow you to quickly configure a solution for your situation without additional design time overhead.

A Platform to Fit Your Needs

Standard Kits

Kitted platforms provide a simple and quick solution to common platform needs such as crossing over pipe and air ducts, changing elevations, and accessing machinery.

See Selection of Standard Kits

Custom Platforms

Completely custom platforms can be designed and developed to suit your needs. Our design team will work with you to develop a solution that is safe, stable, and OSHA compliant.

Configure a Custom Platform


Crossover Platform - Roof Height Crossover Platform - Pipes Crossover Platform - Conduit


Rooftop Hazards Are Not Limited to Falls

When people think of rooftop hazards, they mostly focus on falling over the edge. There are a lot of other way to get injured on a rooftop that don't involve falling.

  • Crossovers limit access and damage to dangerous pipes. Rooftop pipes can be hot! Pipes can also be filled with dangerous substances. When people climb on them, they can damage them, creating a hazardous situation and an expensive repair.
  • Crossovers prevent slips and trips. Even the most agile person can slip and trip when climbing over rooftop obstacles. Roofs are known for being slippery. Crossovers not only protect your rooftop equipment, they protect the people that need to get over them.
  • Crossovers make roof work more efficient. Climbing over things or traveling a circuitous route to the area of the roof that needs work waste valuable working time. Putting a crossover in the right location can offset its own cost with the efficiencies it brings.

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The staff is very knowledgeable and looks to find the best solution for your request. They make sure that before an order is placed, all areas have been covered and customer is completely satisfied.

Bill, City of San Jose

We Will Help You Find the Right Solution

Our staff here at Simplified Safety is knowledgeable and ready to assist you in discovering the perfect solution to suit your safety needs. We will work with you until we find a platform that is fits for your specific application and keeps people safe.

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