Crossover Platforms for Rooftops

Crossover Platforms

A Safe Solution For Crossing Rooftop Obstacles
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Crossover Platforms Provide
Safe Access to Rooftop Equipment

Code Expertise

OSHA Compliant

Crossover platforms are compliant with all OSHA Standards for platforms.

Collective fall protection

Fall Protection

Crossover platforms ensure both stability and protection.

Step-over platform

Safe Access

Crossover platforms can be designed to accommodate safe access over any obstacle or obstruction.

Easy to Assemble

Easy to Configure

Crossover platforms are easy to assemble, configure, adjust, and take apart on site.

A Superior Safe Access Solution

What Our Customers
Think about Crossover Platforms

The staff is very knowledgeable and looks to find the best solution for your request. They make sure that before an order is placed, all areas have been covered and the customer is completely satisfied.

Bill, City of San Jose

Rooftop Hazards are Not
Limited to Falls

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