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Kitted Work Platforms

Kitted Work Platforms

Safety Shouldn't Be Complicated

Kitted work platforms provide a simple and easy to implement solution for your safety needs. A platform that is easy to configure, easy to setup, and can be shipped faster than fabricated platform solutions. Simply enter your required dimensions and order. It's that easy.

Three Safety Platform Kits to Help Provide Safe Access

Easy to Order, Easy to Configure

Crossover Platform Stair Sizes
Crossover Platform - Roof Height Crossover Platform - Pipes Crossover Platform - Conduit
Crossover Platform - Kit

Crossover Platform

Crossover platforms allow for safe access over objects including pipelines and air ducts. Our kitted crossover platform are currently configurable by the number of steps to suit your specific requirements and application.

Configure Yourself or Consult Our Team

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Configure Your Crossover

Flat Bridge Platform

Flat Bridge Platform

Flat platforms allow for safe access and footing atop uneven surfaces, across gaps, over pipes and air ducts, and crossing rooftops. The flat platform can be configured in height, length, and width to suit your particular requirements and application.

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Simple Step Platform

Simple Step Platform

Simple step platforms provide safe access up or down a small change in elevation including stepping up to a work area or changes in roof heights.

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This Product is OSHA Compliant

Meets or Exceeds OSHA Platform Standards

Safe Access Platforms are compliant with all OSHA Standards for platforms.

A Superior Safe Access Solution

  • 360° Safety

    Our work platforms provide 360° of protection that surround the platform to prevent serious falls. Railing keeps people from falls and surface supports provide extra stability.

  • Ready to Go

    Kitted work platforms are ready to go at the click of a button. Simply provide your required dimensions and in just a short time you receive a platform that is perfect for your desired application and keeps people safe.

  • Easy Installation

    Our kitted work platforms are simple to install requiring just a few basic tools to assemble. No specialized labor needed. No hassle. Just a simple solution that goes up in no time.

  • Minimal Shipping Cost

    Unlike fabricated systems, our work platforms can be shipped unassembled or semi-assembled to save you money on shipping costs.

Features You Need to Provide a Safe Working Environment

  • Rolling Work Platforms

    Rolling Platforms

    Platforms can be rolled across the facility or up to the work area to provide safe access to a variety of locations.

  • Adjustable Work Platforms

    Adjustable Work Platforms

    Custom work platforms can be built to be adjustable in height, length, or width. This allows for platforms to be adapted to any work situation or requirement.

  • Portable Work Platforms

    Portable & Mobile Work Platforms

    Platforms can be partially or completely disassembled for transport and reassembled on site. A feature that would not be possible in a welded platform.

  • Customizable Work Platforms

    Customizable Platforms

    Custom solutions can be built to meet your specific needs perfectly. And should your needs ever change, our platforms can be adapted using many of the same original components to fit your new desired use.

Our Customers Are Talking...

The staff is very knowledgeable and looks to find the best solution for your request. They make sure that before an order is placed, all areas have been covered and customer is completely satisfied.

Bill, City of San Jose

We Will Help You Find the Right Solution

Our staff here at Simplified Safety is knowledgeable and ready to assist you in discovering the perfect solution to suit your safety needs. We will work with you until we find a platform that is fits for your specific application and keeps people safe.

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