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Product Description

The CoverSafe Access is a compact, expandable safety mat ideal for preventing falls through open holes such as hatchways, manholes, and attic access doors. This mat is slightly smaller than the CoverSafe Spark and provides complete protection, mitigating the risk of falls through exposed access points. The system is easy to install and can be fixed into position to prevent slips. The addition of hinges allows for quick access through the hole while working and no interruption to the task at hand.

The CoverSafe Access mat is ideal for a variety of industries including pest control, solar, electrical, and maintenance work.

Advantages of the CoverSafe Access Mat

Using Oxford CoverSafe in attic

Versatility of Use

  • The compact design makes it easy to install anywhere you need a safety cover
  • Expand or contract to fit almost any size manhole or attic access door.


  • The compact and light design makes it easy to move, adjust, and carry through small spaces.
  • The hinges make it simple to maneuver through hatchways, manholes, and access doors while maintaining a safe working environment.
temporary safety cover for manholes
Coversafe Access expandable platform

Strength and Durability

  • Heavy-duty grips prevent slipping when used on concrete, wood, and other flat surfaces.
  • The ability for secured attachment onto joists prevents any unwanted movement.
  • The strength and durability without the need for railing or barriers around your access points.


Hazard Awareness

Safe From Hazards

Fully insulated, non-conductive, rapid protection to prevent falls through an attic access door or manhole.



Heavy-duty grip underneath to stay in position on wood, concrete, or flat surfaces.

Expansion packs and kits


The adjustable opening hinges allows for quick and easy access to tools and workspace.


Peace of Mind

Convenient peace of mind — Mats don't fully close so fingers or clothing won't get caught in the system.


Technical Specifications

  • Material: Fully insulated, composite material
  • Size (Fully Expanded): 2.3 ft. x 3.9 ft.
  • Size (Closed): 2.9 ft. x 1.2 ft.
  • Product Weight: 13.2 lb.
  • Load tested to a max spread load of 330 lb. Holds the load of one person only. Not designed to be loaded with building materials.
  • The CoverSafe Access mat is an expandable safety mat meets the HSE safety requirements and improves the efficiency of work at the job site.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Oxford Safety Components
Length Size (Fully Expanded): 2.3 ft. x 3.9 ft. Size (Closed): 2.9 ft. x 1.2 ft.
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