Case Study: Simulator Access Platform for U.S. Army Facility

Safe Access Platform for US Army

Project Details

The Safe Access Platform pictured here is stationed at a U.S. Army facility. Terry, a simulation expert for the U.S. Army, reached out to Simplified Safety to find a solution to access the top of a simulator for testing products. Before the above platform was installed, a worker would attach their harness to an overhead horizontal lifeline and utilize a step ladder to reach the top of the simulator. The pit below the simulator would get rather slippery, so they wanted a way to access the simulator without the need to enter the pit.

This is where Simplified Safety was able to provide a custom platform to provides safe access to the top of the simulator. The platform includes stairs to access the top of the simulator from the main floor level to avoid the slippery surface in the pit. The platform is OSHA compliant and makes accessing the simulator safe and easy. The platform also features a drop down bridge to span the gap between the platform and the simulator.

Project Features

  • Provides safe access to top of simulator.
  • Avoids the slippery surface of the pit.
  • Utilizes stairs with hand railing instead of a step ladder.
  • Allows workers to access the simulator without the need for another person holding the base of a ladder.
  • OSHA compliant

The platform, since assembled, has not only provided a safe and easy way to access the simulator, it has also saved a lot of time by eliminating the extra steps going down into the pit. It has already seen a tremendous amount of usage.

Terry, Simulation Expert U.S. Army

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