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Fall Protection

Fall Protection Work Platforms

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Safe Access

Safe Access Work Platforms

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Ergonomic Positioning

Work Platforms with Ergonomic Positioning

Fall protection hazards are everywhere: from rooftops to being just a few feet off the ground. Safe Access Platforms surround the worker with railing, ensuring that falls do not occur. Our engineered designs ensure both stability and protection.

Protect employees on their way to their work. Safe Access Platforms provide three points of contact on and off equipment. Crossover solutions provide safe access over pipes, air ducts and building gaps. No matter the situation, SAPs allow you to get to the work area in a safe manner.

Work positioning is important to avoid repetitive stress injuries. Safe Access Platforms are designed to allow for comfortable, ergonomic working positions. Because workers can easily and safely access the work area without stressing their body -- pain, discomfort, and injury are eliminated from the equation.

This Product is OSHA Compliant

Meets or Exceeds OSHA Platform Standards

Safe Access Platforms are compliant with all OSHA Standards for platforms.

A Superior Safe Access Solution

Modular Work Platform

Modular Work Platform

  • Easy to Configure On Site

    Safe Access Platforms are easy to assemble, configure, adjust, and take apart. All of this can be done on site without the need of specialized labor.

  • Shipped Quickly at Minimal Costs

    Because of the unique flexibility of the fittings and pipe used to build Safe Access Platforms, sections can be shipped unassembled or semi-assembled to save on shipping costs. However, should you choose, the platform can also be shipped as a complete unit.

  • Short Design Time

    Since no welding is involved, Safe Access Platforms can be designed, built, and implemented faster than welded solutions. A customized platform can arrive at your facility in nearly half the time as a fabricated platform.

  • Modular Section & Kitted Solutions

    Modular sections allow Safe Access Platforms to be expanded or modified on site. Our kitted solutions allow you to quickly configure a solution for your situation without additional design time overhead.

A Platform to Fit Your Needs

Standard Kits

Kitted platforms provide a simple and quick solution to common platform needs such as crossing over pipe and air ducts, changing elevations, and accessing machinery.

See Selection of Standard Kits

Custom Platforms

Completely custom platforms can be designed and developed to suit your needs. Our design team will work with you to develop a solution that is safe, stable, and OSHA compliant.

Configure a Custom Platform

Features You Need to Provide a Safe Working Environment

  • Rolling Work Platforms

    Rolling Platforms

    Platforms can be rolled across the facility or up to the work area to provide safe access to a variety of locations.

  • Adjustable Work Platforms

    Adjustable Work Platforms

    Custom work platforms can be built to be adjustable in height, length, or width. This allows for platforms to be adapted to any work situation or requirement.

  • Portable Work Platforms

    Portable & Mobile Work Platforms

    Platforms can be partially or completely disassembled for transport and reassembled on site. A feature that would not be possible in a welded platform.

  • Customizable Work Platforms

    Customizable Platforms

    Custom solutions can be built to meet your specific needs perfectly. And should your needs ever change, our platforms can be adapted using many of the same original components to fit your new desired use.

Fast, Professional Service

At Simplified Safety, our team is knowledgeable and here to assist you in your safety needs. When you call, expect to get a real person on the line. When you email us, you can expect a prompt response.


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Work Platform Case Studies

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The staff is very knowledgeable and looks to find the best solution for your request. They make sure that before an order is placed, all areas have been covered and customer is completely satisfied.

Bill, City of San Jose

Common Uses for Work Platforms

  • Crossover Stairs

    Crossover Stairs

    Safely cross over pipe and air ducts that are present on almost all factory and warehouse facilities. Letting your workers cross over these without a platform puts them at risk of injury.

  • Roof Elevation Change Stairs

    Roof Elevation Changes

    Ascend or descend roof elevation changes with platform ladders or stairs. Work platforms feature tracking for safe footing and railing. This provides three points of contact when changing elevations.

  • Machinery Access Platforms

    Accessing Machinery

    Safe Access Platforms can be adjusted, rolled, and moved into position to access machinery that would otherwise be difficult to get to.

  • Mobile Equipment Platforms

    Accessing Mobile Equipment

    Safe Access Platforms provide access to mobile equipment that would otherwise be inaccessible or would put workers at risk of injury without a working platform. Buses, trucks, and mobile machinery are easily accessible with a Safe Access Platform.

Easy to Configure Work Platform Kits

Completed Crossover Platform Bridge Platform Kit Two Step Stairs One Step Unit Two Step Unit Five Step Unit


Kits can be configured to fit a variety of applications including crossing over pipe and air ducts, changing elevations, and accessing equipment. Choose the appropriate kit for your application and input your desired dimension requirements to get a kit that fits your needs. It's that easy.

Work Platform Kits