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Catwalk Guardrails and Fall Protection Solutions for Elevated Platforms

Offset guardrail and lifeline systems that can be used to protect workers who are using a catwalk.

Catwalk Guardrail and Fall Protection

Unprotected catwalks can be a dangerous work place hazard. Most catwalks are used in locations where a fall would be dagnerous to the person on the catwalk and to the people below. Catwalks do not have to present a fall hazard if the proper fall protection systems are employed. Whether the catwalk is in a theater or an industrial manufacturing facility the proper fall protection measures should be employed.

Catwalk Guardrails and Railing Systems

We offer several catwalk guardrail systems. These system are designed to be mounted to the top or side of new or existing catwalks. The guardrail systems that we offer are versatile and modular to accomodate the many obstacles in the areas where catwalks are found. Side mounted systems can be mounted to the side of the steel beam or support system of the catwalk. Top mounted systems can also be mounted to the beam or alternatively, they can be clamped to the steel grating that sits on the top of a steel beam.

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Catwalk Fall Arrest Systems

If guardrail cannot be attached to the catwalk or there is some other impetiment to using guardrail, fall arrest systems are another option. Though less prefered due to training, maintenance and safety concerns, fall arrest systems can be used to stop a fall from a catwalk. Two fall arrest systems that may be helpful in stoping falls from a catwalk are: rigid rail overhead lifelines and standard horizontal lifelines. Rigid rail lifelines do not have the flex of overhead wire systems and stop a fall in a shorter distance. Standard horiztonal lifelines can be used if overhead protection is not an option.

Finding the Right Catwalk Fall Protection Solution

The systems listed below are designed to help prevent falls and other accidents on catwalks. If you have any questions about these fall protection systems, please reach out to our knowledgable sales staff.