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Home & Residential Safety Solutions

Safety products that are good for use in home and residential settings.

Residential locations require a number of safety precautions. Occupancy codes often require that a home provide adequate handrails. In addition to railings, more and more people are engaging in do-it-yourself construction. DIY construction projects should not overlook the necessity of good safety practices. Below are just a few safety products that are appropriate for home and residential use.

Residential Solutions

  • ADA Compliant Handrail

    ADA Compliant Handrail

    The Series 500 ADA railing system is designed to help architects, engineers, specifiers, builders, and contractors ensure that all commercial and public buildings satisfy the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act and applicable state and local building codes.

  • OSHA Compliant Guardrail

    OSHA Compliant Guardrail

    A Weldless, Cost Effective Safety Rail System that Exceeds OSHA Safety Standards