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Product Description

Omega warehouse guardrails are built to take on tough jobs. When you think about safety, you don't always think about protecting walls, equipment, and steel racking. Omega guardrails are built from the toughest steel with years of maintenance-free protection, even for outdoor applications.

Whether you need to match the height of your conveyor or need a guardrail system to protect your gas and water lines, these railings absorb most of the impact, minimizing damage from forklifts, tractors, sweepers, and other in-plant vehicles. The system's design eliminates the need to replace the entire system if a section is damaged. Facilities and equipment being in good repair are important safety factors to keep in mind.

Corner Guardrail Kit

The Omega Corner Kit allows you to create a single or double railing corner barrier that requires no welding. The corner kit is prepackaged with all components needed to assemble either a 5-foot by 5-foot or 10-foot by 10-foot corner of railing.

The Corner Kit includes:

  • 1 Offset Corner Post (either 18" or 44")
  • 2 Offset Perimeter Posts (either 18" or 44")
  • 2 Guardrails for 18" height, or 4 guardrails for 44" height - 5 ft or 10 ft Guardrail length
omega barrier railing

Straight Guardrail Kit

The Omega Straight Kit allows you to create a single or double guardrail barrier that requires no welding. The straight kit is pre-packaged with all the components you need to assemble either a 5-foot or 10-foot section of railing.

The Straight Kit includes

  • 2 Offset Perimeter Posts (either 18" or 44")
  • 1 Guardrail for 18" height, or 2 guardrails for 44" height - 5 ft or 10 ft Guardrail length
omega guardrail

Extension Kit

The Omega Extension Kit allows you to quickly add on to the straight or corner kits. The extension kit is pre-packaged with all the components needed to extend railing sections either by 5-foot or 10-foot.

The Extension Kit includes:

  • 1 Offset Perimeter Post (either 18" or 44")
  • 1 Guardrail for 18" height, or 2 guardrails for 44" height - 5 ft or 10 ft Guardrail length
omega extension railing

*We can customize the railing length, width, or baseplate of our mounting posts to meet your specific requirements. If you need something smaller than 5 ft or in between 5 and 10ft, we are available to help you with guardrail customization.

Advantages of Omega Warehouse Guardrails

double guardrail for warehouse

Protect Your Employees and Your Facilities

We want to help facilities be as safe as possible and avoid as many accidents as we can. A safe workplace makes employees feel safe and happy. Omega guardrail protects employees from injuries and accidents caused by moving vehicles and equipment. The railing's bright OSHA-approved safety yellow works as a great visual and physical barrier providing safe walkways for employees as they move through the facility.

Omega railing is designed to take impacts; it protects against costly damages to walls, equipment, shipping offices, or other vehicles.

Barriers Easily Adapt to Most Applications

Omega barriers use modular construction with standard components that make it easy to adapt to your application, as well as reconfigure or relocate if needed. Guardrail easily expands for you to add on more railing in the future.

The railing mounts to the face of the post versus the side to help distribute the energy from an impact over the entire system, instead of relying on the shear strength of the bolts to keep the system intact. You can choose single or double metal guardrail height.

Standard finish is epoxy based heat cured, polyester based powder coating with sea spray and ultraviolet enhancements.

Omega double guardrail
Omega guardrail mounting posts

Mounting Posts

Built to be both durable and flexible, Omega's mounting posts absorb impact while keeping your guardrail system securely attached to its foundation. Omega offers versatility with inside corners and special angle posts without using additional posts, saving you money.

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Do you need assistance with your guardrail configuration or need a quote? Our team is ready to help.

Additional Information

SKU OM-config
Manufacturer Omega
Brand Omega
Metal Hot rolled; Cold formed 11-gauge Steel
Color Safety Yellow
Compliance ASTM A-1011, CS Type B
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