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Provide perimeter protection around water treatment facilities at a fraction of the cost of installing welded rail.

Installing railing in new or existing water treatment facilities can require thousands of linear feet of railing.  Some of the the largest facilities in the world (e.g. Athens, Greece) use Kee Klamp fittings as an alternative to welded rail.  Read why below.

Advantages of Kee Klamp and Kee Lite Railings for the Municipal and Waste Water Industries

OSHA Compliance

Our railing systems utilize reliable Kee Klamp® fittings and meet or exceed OSHA requirements for safety railing. Railings can easily be constructed to the OSHA standard, supplying the appropriate number of rails and toeboard if necessary.

Proven Durability

Our aluminum railings are corrosion resistant and are used in water rich environments across the globe. Additionally, our steel railings do not require welding leaving galvanization in place, making them last much longer then conventional welded railing. See our welded rail comparison chart.

Flexible Design

Modular railing design allows you to design a railing that will fit unique spaces without the need of difficult welds.

Toeboard Adapter

Our toeboard adapter makes attaching the required toeboard quick and easy. Stainless steel hardware is included to make installation easy with no drilling or welding. This fitting attaches directly to the toe plate for ease of installation and greater rail stability.