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Aerial Work Platform

Easi-Dec Aerial Work Platform

Work at Height Safely and Efficiently with Easi-Dec Elevated Work Platforms

  • Easi-dec Aerial Work Platform

    Aerial Work Platform with Fall Protection

    Work safely from an elevated work stand.

  • Work Platform for Bridge Work

    Suitable for Various Applications

    Aerial work platform for installation, inspection and renovation work.

  • Window Work Platform

    Safely Access Windows from the Outside

    Elevated work platform for window replacement, installation, painting, etc.

  • Roof Access Work Platform

    Safe Access to the Roof

    Guard railing on provides safe access when climbing on and off the roof.

  • Easi-dec Aerial Work Platform

    Work Safely and Efficiently on a Work Platform

    Leans against and secures to an existing structure.

Easi-Dec has brought a new level of safety to working at heights. Designed in England for Window and Solar Panel installation, the Easi-Dec has come to the United States with a vision of making elevated work safer and more efficient.

Easi-Dec Offers You:

  • A Safe Working Surface for Elevated Work
  • Flexibility to Quickly Change Work Locations
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Scaffolding
  • Long-Life Durability - Made from Non-Corrosive Aluminum
  • Lightweight and Compact for Easy Storage & Transportation

Easi-Dec Aerial Work Platform is About Fall Protection

Easi-Dec Aerial Work Platform for Fall Protection

Safe Access - There are not many safe ways of accessing a rooftop or building exterior without the use of heavy lifting equipment. Easi-Dec is safe alternative to the highly mechanized lifting equipment that carries a heavy price tag and constant maintenance. Easi-Dec allows workers to access the building exterior or roof from a stable platform complete with safety railing. When properly setup, Easi-Dec's guardrail is OSHA compliant and offers passive fall protection so that the worker can labor unencumbered by fall arrest equipment.

Easi-Dec Elevated Work Platform is about Efficiency

Easi-Dec Aerial Work Platform for Work Efficiency

Easy to Assemble - Easi-Dec systems are very easy to use, assemble, store and transport. Built with the customer in mind, the Easi-Dec work platform has a small storage footprint and can easily be transported in a work van or roof rack. No more complicated scaffolding structures. The Easi-Dec elevated work platform can easily be assembled by two men in about 10 minutes. Watch this short time-lapse video to see how quick and easy it is to construct the Easi-Dec system on site.

Easy to Work at Height - Dangling from the side of a ladder is not only unsafe, it's inefficient. The Easi-Dec aerial work platform makes working at height more efficient.

Video Overview of Easi-Dec Elevated Work Platforms