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Window Installation Elevated Work Platform

Window Installation Elevated Work Platform

A Safe Working Platform for Replacement Window Installers

Window Installation Work Platform

The Window-Dec work platform makes the installation of replacement windows safer and quicker. The window installation work platform can be setup in a matter of minutes and allows replacement window installers safe access to the building exterior. Window-Dec also helps you comply with EPA lead standards by giving you the ability to install replacement windows from the outside of the home.

Window-Dec Speeds Up Replacement Window Installation

  • Setup and take down of the Easi-Dec Window-Dec takes only minutes.
  • Window-Dec can be transported to site in a van, truck or even roof rack -- this save the cost and wait time associated with other scaffolding methods.
  • Window-Dec allows your installers to work unencumbered. Without the constraints of fall arrest equipment your installers will be able to work faster.
  • Window-Dec's integrated hoists allows you to lift replacement windows into place quickly and easily.

Fall Protection for Replacement Window Installation

  • Integrated fall protection keeps installers safe on the platform outside the window. When properly setup, the system is OSHA and CSA compliant.
  • Window-Dec integrated hoist means that replacement windows do not need to be carried up by hand.
  • Independently adjustable legs makes the window installation work platform stable on the uneven surfaces around buildings and homes.

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Window Work Platform Integrated Lifting Hoist

Replacement Window Lifting Hoist

The Window-Dec window hoist allows you to lift replacement windows to the window opening safely and without the fear of material damage. A door in the bottom of the unit opens to allow the replacement window to pass through inside the guardrails.

Window Installer Working on Platform

Window Installation Work Platform Features & Options

  • Integrated hoists for lifting replacement windows

    Integrated Hoists

    Easi-Dec platforms have integrated hoists which can be used to lift replacement windows up to the window opening. This prevents damage to the windows and makes installation safer.

  • Padded Stand Off Bar

    Padded Stand Off Bar

    The padded stand off bar allows the deck to be made closer or further from the structure it is resting upon. The bar is padded to prevent damage to to the building siding.

  • Padded Stand Off Bar

    Expandable with Accessories

    The Easi-Dec line of work platforms has a full set of accessories (like the winged gates pictured above) as well as complete line of replacement parts.

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