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Portable Work Platform

Easi-Dec Portable Work Platform

  • Portable Work Platform

    A Work Platform that is Portable

    Easi-Dec work platform breaks down for easy transport and storage.

  • Work Platform for Bridge Work

    Suitable for Various Applications

    The perfect work platform for installation, inspection and renovation work.

  • Portable Work Platform

    Breaks Down for Easy Storage

    Assembles quickly on site for increased efficiency.

  • Window Work Platform

    Safely Access Windows from the Outside

    A great work platform for window replacement, installation, painting, etc.

  • Portable Work Platform

    Portable Work Platform

    Platform can be easily attached to roof rack or placed in a van or truck bed.

Easi-Dec is a line of portable work platforms that have been designed to fit in the back of a truck, service van or even a roof rack. Designed in England, where space is a premium and safety is a priority, Easi-Dec portable work platforms will help you work more safely and efficiently at your work site.

Easi-Dec mobile access platforms create an elevated working surface on the side of a building that is protected with handrails. These portable work platforms make it easy to work safely, providing the worker with fall protection while they perform their task. Easi-Dec is a perfect access system for solar installers, window installers, inspectors and other tradesmen who need to work on elevated surfaces.

With Easi-Dec Access Platforms Portability is Key

Portable Work Platform

What's the use of a safe working platform if you can't quickly and easily transport it to the job site? What's the hope of using a safe access platform that is complicated and time-consuming to install. Easi-Dec work platform tries to address these core concerns with their simple to use access platform solution. Easi-Dec can be transported in the back of a just about any work van. Larger pieces can be attached to a roof rack or ladder rack.

Once on site the platform really shows it's strength. A competently trained team can setup the system in 10 minutes. Watch the time lapse video below to understand just how quickly and easily the portable work platform can be assembled.

See this installation guide to understand the steps necessary to setup and Easi-Dec mobile work platform on site.

Portable & Easy to Move On Site

Easi-Dec is easy to move on site

Not only is the Easi-Dec portable work platform easy to setup, once setup it can be easily moved about the building. Because of it's lightweight aluminum construction, two workers can move the Easi-Dec to a new location and change it's height in just a few moments.

Protects Siding of the House

The built in padded roller bar protects the siding of the building. This roller bar can be installed in a stand off position to make the work platform usable underneath the eve of a building.

Portable Work Platform with Built-in Fall Protection

Easi-Dec's safety features are built in. Once on the platform the worker is completely surrounded by railing. This allows the elevated worker to be protected from falls while performing their task.