Loading Dock and Warehouse Safety Railing

Loading Dock Safety Railing

Warehouse and loading dock safety often requires the use of safety railing. Safety railing can be used for a number of different purposes in the loading dock and warehouse context. Safety railing can be used to protect people from walking off the end of the dock where the truck pulls up. Inside the warehouse, safety railing can be used to protect pedestrians and workers from moving warehouse vehicles such as forklifts.

OSHA Compliant Safety Railing for the Warehouse

Warehouse OSHA Safety Railing

Kwik Kit safety railing is an easy to use, modular safety railing system that is OSHA compliant. Kwik Kit safety railing can be installed very quickly. The uprights come preassembled. You simply mount the base flanges to the floor, attach the horizontal railing pipes and your railing is ready for use. Each section is designed with industry standard 1-1/2" pipe, making it exceed the OSHA top rail loading requirements.

High Visibility Loading Dock Safety Railing

Loading Dock Railing

Kwik Kit safety railing is ideal for the loading docks and warehouses because it is powder coated safety yellow for increased visibility. The powder coating covers high quality galvanized pipe, which will offer your railing a long life. Because the railing is modular and attached with set screws, no welding or drilling is necessary! This eliminates corrosion points and makes the railing last much longer than standard welded railing.

Loading Dock Railing that can be Removed

Easy to Remove Safety Railing

One of the advantages of the Kwik Kit safety railing system is that it can be easily removed. Because the fittings are attached with set screws, the railing can be removed when necessary. This is very helpful on loading docks and warehouses where safety railing needs to be temporarily removed for access. The base flanges will stay in place (attached to the surface) and the entire railing section can easily be lifted out for easy access.

Broken Loading Dock Railing can be Easily Replaced.

Easy to Replace Safety Railing

Have you ever seen broken railing around a loading dock? Of course you have! Truck drivers make mistakes and the next thing you know your safety equipment has been completely compromised. Another advantage of the Kwik Kit safety railing system is that it is completely modular. Instead of needing to call in a welder or replace an entire section of railing, with Kwik Kit you only need to replace the broken pipes and fittings. The fittings and pipe separate with the use of an Allen wrench making it much easier to replace damaged railing.

Kwik Kit is Quickly Available

Pedestrian Walkway Railing

Kwik Kit comes in standard 6 foot extensions and 12 foot straight and corner kits. These kits are available immediately. No long lead times for powder coating. Contact us today to learn how Kwik Kit can be used to help you protect your warehouse and loading dock with the appropriate safety railing. If you're ready to purchase, check out our online selection of safety railing kits.

Custom configurations are available!

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