3 Benefits of a Fall Protection Site Certification

fall protection site certification

Finding a solution to use is just the first step in implementing a safe working environment. Making sure that it is installed correctly is just as vital.

You have a few options to make sure that this is done correctly. First, you can hire fall protection installation experts to make sure that the job is done right and safely from the beginning. Another option, you can hire local contractors or use your own in-house team to get the job done and hope that they install everything according to specifications.

Hiring a specialized team can be more expensive than your local team. So, what do you do when you want the budget of the local team and the security of knowing the project was done right?

The Certification

The third option for implementation is using a post-install site certification. A site certification is an on-site inspection of the installed fall protection system, to verify that the systems and all components have been installed per the manufacturer's specifications.

The inspection involves a few different people, the inspector, the customer, and a representative of the installer. As the inspection commences, if there are any issues with the installed system, the installer will make any necessary changes in the presence of the inspector.

Here’s an example of how Simplified Safety would inspect a KeeGuard Rooftop Guardrail. A representative from Simplified Safety comes to the site and physically walks all installed systems. We look for properly torqued set screws, proper configuration of system components, proper dimensions, any damaged components, and any unique applications that require manipulation of the standard system to comply with specs. We also verify that the system was installed per OSHA requirements. Once the inspection has been satisfied as correct, a Simplified Safety Certification document is prepared and presented for our customers' records.

fall protection certification of keeguard safety railing

Three Benefits

1. The first value of a site certification is the confidence to know that the system was installed correctly. This allows you to know that your employees or contractors can access an area without fear of the fall protection failing due to improper installation.

2. Speaking of improper installation, a site certification will help reduce liability. Having a manufacturer’s representative produce a certificate that tells you the system was installed correctly will go a long way if the worst were to happen.

3. A fall protection certification will allow you to use whatever installer you prefer. If you have a good relationship with a contractor that you know does good work, then you can continue using someone with a proven track record without putting either of you in a compromising position. This could also help you save money from having to hire a specialized team from out of state.

Give yourself and your team peace of mind that the protection installed will keep them safe. If you would like help designing a fall protection solution, then please reach out to one of our Fall Protection Specialist and they can help you protect your people and review options for how to implement them safely.

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fall protection site certification

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