A New Kind of Knee Pad - Comfortable Strapless Knee Pads

If you've worked on your knees, then you know the pain of knee pads. You know binding and the discomfort created by the strap that goes behind your knee. Skan Technologies has invented a knee pad that has sought to alleviate this painful problem. Their clip-on strapless knee pads are designed to make your day more comfortable by eliminating behind the knee binding.

Do They Do What the Claim to Do?

When it comes to some products we do not just take the manufacture's word for it . We hear their claims, and then we put them to the test. With this product we bought several pairs and distributed them to several people in our company. We asked them to use them and tell us what they thought. The result. They loved them! Here's what Dan had to say:

I was not sure how well these would work, but decided to spend a whole day of roofing work on them. After working on my knees all day, the backs of my knees are usually very sore from the knee pad straps . After a whole day with the Wurk Pads, I hope to never use a knee pad with a strap again. They were so much more comfortable, stayed right where I wanted them all day, and left me with no pain in the back of my knee.

How Do They Work?

The innovative design of the Wurk Pad strapless knee pad is in it's unique two point clip. Designed to work with baggier work pants, the clips attach to sides of the pants offering a looser fit than standard knee pads. Initially it may take a time or two to get used to the feel (I wanted the kneed pads to be tight, because that's what I'm used to). When you kneel down and realize that the pads will be there to protect your knees, but are not causing the binding pain behind your knee, a warm happiness will fill your heart that says, "money well spent!"

What Are the Application?

You can use these kneed pads in any profession or project that requires you to work on your knees.

Flooring - Carpeting - Automotive - Construction - Tiling - Painting - Landscaping - Gardening - Do it Yourselfers - Carpenters - Electricians - Laborers - Plumbers - Handymen - Excavation Crews - Masonry - Maintenance - Utility Workers - and Much More

Ready to Try a Pair Yourself?

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