Work Safer! Get a Tool Vest.

We're happy to announce the addition of a new product our product line-up: the Tool Vest from Vest-Tech.

Vest Tech Tool Vests are designed to help the tradesman work more safely, comfortably and efficiently.

  • Safer - tools are closers at hand and in an assigned spot, reducing the need to rummage around while in precarious positions (such as on a ladder). The soon to be released ANSI vest combines high-visibility with the other benefits of the tool vest.
  • More Comfortable - the tool vest brings the tools up onto your body, distributing the weight across your body instead of leaving it to hang from your hips. The vest also combines other comfort features such as a back support and a hydration pack. Chilling the hydration pack can keep you hydrated and cool while working throughout the day.
  • More Efficient - the tool vest was designed to help the tradesman be more organized and more efficient. Tools are more easily located, decreasing the amount of "hunt time" spent looking for tools.

Check out our selection of tool vests from Vest Tech: Click here.

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Tool Vest Interactive Features

Find out more about tool vests from Vest Tech: Click here.

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