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KeeGuard Railing Saves 10s of Thousands over Traditional Railing Methods

KeeGuard Railing Saves 10s of Thousands over Traditional Railing Methods

Badger Building KeeGuard Install

One of our customers from a major petroleum plant shared with us their cost analysis for installing a KeeGuard guardrail system over against traditional welded handrail. The results were amazing! All said and done, we saved this customer over $21,000 on just a few sections of railing for their plant.

Here is the actual break down that we got from the customer.

Badger Building KeeGuard Install

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Due the the savings in man hours and safety costs, you'll save thousands when installing a KeeGuard guardrail system. Click here to find out more about KeeGuard guardrail systems.

Here are a few pictures of the finished project:

Badger Building KeeGuard Install

You can see that this guardrail installation used our integrated aluminum toeboard. This toeboard is made especially to attach to the KeeGuard base fitting. It makes installation of OSHA compliant toeboard quick and easy.

Badger Building KeeGuard Install

KeeGuard Rooftop Railing is “Super Easy to Install”

KeeGuard Railing Installation - SW

These photos come from a KeeGuard rooftop railing install from one of our recent customers. We were pleased to hear them comment on how easy it is to install the system. This comment focuses on one of the core strengths of the KeeGuard rooftop railing system: ease of installation.

KeeGuard Railing Installation - SW

This system was put into place as a part of a complete fall protection plan. This railings primary purpose is to protect people entering exiting the roof hatch in the picutre.

KeeGuard Railing Installation - SW

Installation of KeeGuard rooftop railing is "super easy" for a couple of reasons:

  • Uprights Arrive Preassembled - while they are not attached to the counter-balances to preserve shipping space, the drop in fittings are already properly spaced saving precious time during installation.
  • Kee Klamp Fittings - the KeeGuard roof railing used Kee Klamp fittings. These fittings are tightened though the use of an allen key making installation move quickly and easily.
  • Engineered for Efficiency - because each KeeGuard system is engineered by our sales team, we use a minimum amount of materials to save cost and installation time.

Installation Video

Watch this quick overview of KeeGuard installation. This will show you how quickly and easily the KeeGuard Rooftop Railing system is to install.

Warehouse Walkway Safe Walking Area [Case Study]

The warehouse environment is full of hazards.  One of the many hazards that plant managers need to be aware of is protecting walking workers from workers operating material handling equipment such as pickers and forklifts.

We worked with one of our customers to provide a solution that offered a safe right-of-way to pedestrians walking near utility vehicles in the warehouse. Guard railing puts a physical barrier between the pedestrian and the motorized equipment, keeping the worker safe from harm. For this customer, our Kwik Kit safety railing kits provided a solution that was cost effective and easy to install. Kwik Kit comes partially assembled, reducing the number of man hours needed to complete the installation. Kwik Kit also comes powder coated in safety yellow, providing a solution that is durable and attractive.

Before the Guardrail was Installed

Here is the scenario BEFORE the kitted guard railing was installed: No physical barrier to protect the worker.  Only a visual barrier of cones was present to designate the walkway.

Warehouse Walkway - Unprotected

Warehouse Walkway - Unprotected


After the Guardrail was Installed

Here is the scenario AFTER the Kwik Kit safety railing was installed: Workers are now clearly separated from hazards.  Workers are also made aware that they are leaving the "safe zone" via the self closing industrial safety gates

Warehouse Walkway - Protected with Safety Railing

Warehouse Walkway - Protected with Safety Railing

Kwik Kits safety railing provides a solution that is:

  • Durable - Strong steel railing withstands impacts and protects workers in the walkway.
  • Easy to use - Uprights come preassembled and powder coated safety yellow.
  • Modular - Railings can be configured to suit any environment.
  • Safe - The ultimate priority when considering a product.  Does it protect the worker from the hazard?  Kwik Kit does the job!

Allow us to help you separate your workers from dangerous working conditions - contact our sales engineer.

KeeGuard Roof Railing Install in PA

We recently had the opportunity to visit the site of one of our recent roof railing customers in PA.  The scope of the project was full roof perimeter protection on two buildings.  Their rooftop fall protection included roof railing, skylight screens and safety gates for ladder access points onto the roof. 

KeeGuard Installation in PA 

Bending shows the versatility of the the KeeGuard Roof Railing System.

 KeeGuard Installation in PA

Self-closing safety gates protect ladder access points.

 KeeGuard Installation in PA

A vantage point to see the full roof perimeter protection.

 KeeGuard Installation in PA

Special fittings allow the system to change elevation and remain contiguous.

 KeeGuard Installation in PA

Skylight screens were part of the installation when skylights were inside the roof railing barrier.

 KeeGuard Installation in PA

Roof obstacles are not a problem with KeeGuard.  The railing can be easily customized to go around existing roof structures.

 KeeGuard Installation in PA

Here the railing goes around the skylights.

 KeeGuard Installation in PA

Rooftops of different heights can be easily connected with contiguous protection.


 KeeGuard Installation in PA

Contiguous full length rooftop edge fall protection.

KeeGuard Installation in PA

Protect Your Rooftop with Proper Fall Protection

Call our sales engineers or contact us through our site to get in-depth information on our products designed to help protect people working on roofs.

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Changes at OSHA – 2 of 3 – Repeat Violations & Reductions

On April 22, 2010, David Michaels issued a memo to the OSHA Regional Administrators outlining changes to OSHAs penalty policies. Some of these administrative changes are being made now and will end with the advanced reprogramming of government computers and updating OSHA Information System scheduled to be completed by October 2010. Shown below are the anticipated changes.

Repeat Violation Lookup Time

Previously OSHA went back three years to check if an employer had a history of violations. This historical look will now go back five years. If an employer has been inspected in the last five years and has no serious, willful, repeat, or failure-to-abate violations, employer receives a 10 percent penalty reduction for history. If an employer has been cited by OSHA in the past five years for any high gravity serious, willful, repeat or failure-to-abate, they will receive a 10% penalty increase up to the statutory minimum. If an employer has not been inspected or the received citations mentioned above, they will not receive a reduction nor increase.

The time period to determine repeat violations will also increase from three to five years.

Company Size Reduction

The agency will be adopting a penalty reduction for size. Employers with 250 employees or less will receive a reduction of 10-40 percent. Larger employers with 251 employees or more are not eligible for a size reduction.

Good Faith Reduction

Good faith reduction procedures will be kept. The good faith penalty reduction is given to an employer who has made an effort to implement an effective safety and health program. Employers are not eligible for a good faith reduction if they are receiving a high-gravity serious, willful, repeat or failure-to-abate violation.

Quick Fix Reduction

The 15% Quick Fix reduction is retained and given to employers who immediately abate hazards found during an inspection. However, the 10% strategic partnership reduction is eliminated.

New Penalty Reduction Calculation

Another interesting modification to the penalty calculation is that the penalties will be calculated serially, rather than the present practice where all of the penalty reductions are added together and the total percentage is used. Example: employer receives a $5000 penalty with the following reductions: 10% - history, 15% - good faith, 15% - quick fix and a 30% size reduction.

Old Method: Add these together (10+15+15+30) and penalty is reduced by 70%. The companys penalty is $1500 ($5000 X 70%).

New Method: $5,000 X 10% = $500 or penalty is now $4500, reduce $4500 by 15% new penalty is $3825, reduce $3825 by 15% new penalty is $3251, then apply the 30% size reduction and the employer end up with a penalty of $2275.

Old method employer pays $1500, new serially calculation method results in a $2275 penalty.

Gravity based penalties are also increased from $1000 to $3000-$5000.

In an informal hearing, smaller employers (250 or less) are eligible for an additional 20% reduction, if that employer agrees to hire an outside safety and health consultant.

Area directors have authority to offer up to a 30% penalty reduction to employers during an informal conference. Any reduction over 30% will have to be approved by the Regional Administrator. However, an employer has to be in good standingany previous penalties paid (or current with penalty payment plan) to receive any penalty adjustments.

Case Study: Specialized Solutions – Guardrails for Corrosive Environment


Simplified Safety aims at providing more than simple off the shelf products. Our aim is to help assist you with a complete safety solution. Our solutions extend well beyond our normal range of products and processes. One example of this is a project we provided railing for in the winter of 2009.

In this case, the customer came to us with a very specific set of product specifications. These specifications were written in such a way to produce a railing system that was: free standing, resistant to specific chemical corrosion, and cost-effective. Here are some of the core competencies of our team highlighted by this particular project:

Understanding the Needs of our Client

Because of the corrosive environment the guardrail was going to be placed in, the metal properties of the railing was very important. The project could have been built entirely out of stainless steel, but that would have produced a very expensive railing. In understanding ALL of our clients needs we were able to configure a system that would withstand the corrosive effects of the environment and be cost-effective at the same time.

Dan Wampler, the lead Sales Engineer on this project said, Through much conversation with the customer, we were determined to find the right balance of performance and price. We came up with a very unique combination of materials and finishes to provide a long lasting, cost effective solution for the safety and satisfaction of our customer.

Complicated Processes & Delivery

The corrosive effects of this environment required the application of a special paint to the free standing bases. This special paint required unique application, drying, storage and shipping processes. Instead of shirking from the complexity of instituting new processes and working with new vendors, the logistics team set to work to provide the necessary components on time and in the proper condition.

Brian Stickler, who managed the logistics for this project had this to say, We had new metals to integrate, new vendors to contact, and a narrow window to accomplish the customers requests. They came to us because we had a very key part of the system already in production. What they needed, was this component to last in their corrosive environment. This in turn caused us to find more vendors which widen our offerings to all our customers.

Teamwork and Total Quality

At the heart of the Simplified are critical relationships with the right product manufactures. These relationships are built on team work and a view of providing our customers outstanding service in the supplier industry. In this project it was our relationship with Kee Safety that allowed us to provide the right solution at the right time. Mike Mumau, president of Kee Safety Inc., had this to say about our relationship It is through our open partnership with Simplified that we were able to create an effective engineered solution for the customer. All private agendas have to be put aside when a team of people from various companies come together to solve complex issues like the highly corrosive issues we had here at this specific site. I could not have been more proud of the entire tea.

Custom Safety Solutions Come to Us

Whether you are looking for a guardrail, an overhead fall protection support system, or a unique piece of personal protection equipment, start with Simplified Safety as your source for providing custom safety solutions. Call or email our team today with your safety need.

Rooftop Railing Installation - KeeGuard Example

This pictures below come from an installation of KeeGuard Rooftop Railing in Canada. You can see how the KeeGuard fall protection system is used to protect the worker who is working on the rooftop units.

KeeGuard is designed to be non-penetrating and you can see how the railing provides rooftop perimeter protection without damaging the roof surface. Find out more about KeeGuard.